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Football Manager 2019: Table for Cheat Engine v19.3.6 {tfigment}

Here is list of newer features in the current build:

  • More stable Update location for Player/Staff and Clubs
  • Split People into 4 pointers: Person, Player, NonPlayer, Manager
    • Players have Person, Player attributes
    • Staff and Manager have Person, NonPlayer attributes
    • Player/Coach have Person, NonPlayer, Manager attributes
  • Dynamic Lists for Clubs to show Teams and players/staff in the teams
  • Dynamic Lists for Bonus & Clauses in Contracts
  • Dynamic Lists for Relationships. More names are supported now.
    • Selecting Persons in these lists will set the person pointers as if updated
  • New Lua Scripts which can be more precise about what is actually done (most of the Bulk Procedures from previous are not needed)
    • Set Happiness, Fitness Condition/Sharpness, Training Happiness for all squad members of a Club
    • Set Favourability to Max for all members of a club
    • Set Fitness Condition/Sharpness for all squad at the National team (if you are coaching one)
  • New Data Types: Mask 0x1FF and 0x3FFF which are used for 'day of year' and training values respectively
  • Dissect Data Structures is being posted separately if anyone wants to use those

Author: tfigment

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