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Football Manager 2019: Table for Cheat Engine v19.3.5 {tfigment}

Here is my table for 19.3.5 (updated 31-Aug-2019). I did not fix any code or cheat scripts for super squads.

Didn't keep track of everything I did but this is what I can remember

Updated "My Profile" for Coach Non-Player values with new pointers

Added a new datatype (Mask 0x3FFF) which is used with Training Values

Found some code injection points for training, fitness, morale

Might be some partial structures in "Dissect structure" area for [basPlayer]

Added Training Happiness (v2)

Added Personal Reputation with Players (v2)

Added pointers to player for Relationships (v2) . Made dynamic in (v3) and moved to Person.

Added code location for disabling rejection of work visas (v2)

First, what I use this table most for is to "fix" morale, sharpness, jadeness and training for all Squad players after a match.

Author: tfigment

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