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Halo 2: Table for Cheat Engine +97 {Dread_Pony_Roberts}

Player Scripts

-Max Shields/Health

-Lock Clip Ammo

-Max Clip Ammo

-Lock Belt Ammo

-Max Belt Ammo

-Lock Plasma Ammo

-Max Plasma Ammo

-Lock Heat Ammo

-Lock Grenades

-Max Grenades

-Rapid Fire/Lock Ammo

-No Bullet Spread

-No Recoil


-Duel Wield All Weapons (There won't be a hud indicator, but you'll be able to duel wield any weapon)

-Shield Timer None

-Health Timer None

-Shield Timer Custom (can be edited)

-Health Timer Custom (can be edited)

-Damage Multiplier (can be edited)

-Teleportation (comes with 3 individual coordinate saves)

-Flight/Noclip (default keybinds are space to go up and alt to go down, keybinds and flight speed can be edited)

-Sprint (default bind is left shift. keybinds, sprint speed, and friction can be edited.)

-Third Person


-Lock Flashlight


NPC Scripts

Scripts below individually effect the following:
Marines (always allied)
Old Covenant (sometimes allied)
New Covenant and Jackals (always hostile)
Heretic (always hostile)
Forerunner (always hostile)
Flood (always hostile)

-One Hit Kill

-Lock Health/Shields

-Damage Multiplier (can be edited)

Skull Scripts

-Skull Override (enabling will override existing skulls)

-Grunt Birthday Party
-Black Eye
-Iron (can't be disabled)
-That's just... Wrong
-Eye Patch
-Grunt Funeral
-Scarab (will crash game if not previously activated normally)
-Bonded Pair
-Prophet Birthday Party
-They Come Back

Cheat Engine Scripts

-Compact Mode

-Speedhack x0.5

-Speedhack x1

-Speedhack x3



Author: Dread_Pony_Roberts

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