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Jurassic World Evolution: Table for Cheat Engine v1.7.1.41512 {l0wb1t}

* Added Indestructibe Buildings. (The Cheat has been merged with Indestructible Fences)
Storms no longer can damage any of your Fences or Facilitys . (Dont use this cheat when a Building is already damaged, repair it first, then enable)

- Fixed an issue with Indestructible fences. High Level Dinosaurs no longer can break your fences 

*Added Time of Day mod (Doesn't work on Islands without Day/Night Cycle)
- Daytime Pointer (1.0 = 12:00, 2.0 = 0:00)
CTRL + Numpad Plus = Add Daytime
CTRL + Numpad Minus = Sub Daytime


Author: l0wb1t

The source of information - Jurassic World Evolution

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