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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Table for Cheat Engine v1.3.0 {The Mogician}

Pointer table for:
Skill points and experience pointers (special thanks goes to soulofshiba for discovering how it was stored)
Dice pointers for player and opponent (set opponent numbers to 0 to ensure he never wins and set your own numbers to 2000 for easy win)
Dice bet amount (change it to a high amount when you choose the bet and accept so you win all the money on the gambler)
Horse health and stamina (lock stamina to gallop all the way)
Currently facing enemy health and stamina (change health to 1 to instakill or make stamina 1 and use him as a punching bag)

Work in progress:
Haggle gimmicks with the aim of allowing the player to haggle free items from the salesperson
Pickpocket timer
Disable body part injuries
Easy lockpicking
Inventory editor
Archery Points/Arrows


Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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