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Noita: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- hp still drop but you won't die.
min hp default: 2 (2 == 50; you start the game with 4 max hp, even though it's showing 100 on-screen), don't set below 0.1.

ignore levitate gauge
- levitate as long as you want regardless of the gauge.
- gauge would still be depleted when you levitate.

inf. mp
- mp would be decreased from 100000 mp everytime you fire your wand.

ignore wand uses remaining
- you can use the wand's spell even if its uses remaining is zero.
- uses remaining won't decrease at all.

cast delay multiplier
- by script default, when activated, cast delay is shorten by factor of 2, which can be changed via the entry x?.
- activate no cast delay would ignore the x? and there will be no delay at all. may stutter the game (or even crash the game depend on your rig) if you're using on a crazy set-up wand, use with caution. (may update it with key-activation later...?)

no wand recharge
- as title says.

wand capacity mod
- set all equipped wands' # of slots to the specified capacity if the wand's current capacity is smaller than the specified.
min wand capacity default: 24

ignore $
- buy anything in the portal regardless of the $ you have.
- $ still drop when you buy stuff.

change spells anywhere
- as title suggests, you don't need to enter the purple portal in-between area to change spells for wands, without the need to acquire the "spells everywhere" first.

sprint key
- move faster when you press and hold the specified key and move.
key can be changed via the entry's drop-down-load. default: SHIFT key.
sprint speed default, 1.1. should not be greater than 1.1 or you'd sprint too fast.

Author: Cielos

The source of information - Noita

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