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Phasmophobia: Table for Cheat Engine v0.28.6.5 {jjcho849}


Custom Shop Cost

Hoop Score Hook (score point to update value)

Rapid Photos

Infinite Pictures

Infinite Smudge Stick Uses (Host Only)

Flashlights/Glowstick Control Hook (customize all flashlights and glowstick brightness levels)

Player Coordinates Hook (save and load coordinates cheat inside and also fly hack)

Sanity Hook

All Player Sanity Down/Force Hunt

Walk/Sprint Hack

Ghost Info (name, age, fav room, type and ghost contoller)

FuseBox/Light Info (use a switch to update)

Setup Phase Info (Truck)

Activate Before Game (mission info inside)

Custom Reach Distance

Custom Throw Strength

Author: jjcho849

The source of information - Phasmophobia

DOWNLOAD (83.3 Kb) 2021-May-21

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