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Suikoden 2 NTSC for ePSXe - Table for Cheat Engine v2.0.5 {omninodachi}

I discovered my special items codes were double byte rather than single and fixed it. I have added some major battle codes (just rune ability quantity). As I said, I am adding/correcting codes as I progress through the game. I am playing through without cheating (too much) to make sure valid item digits populate the item modifiers. Here is what I have currently (Muse just fell in my current game).

Things I still want to add:
Kindness stat: so far my search has come up bust.
Warehouse items
Party Items
Special Items
Major battles codes (they looks so easy on code breaker, but may have to just use PEC)


Author: omninodachi

DOWNLOAD (17.0 Kb) 2018-Feb-16

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