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Tropico 6: Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}

Here's a table:

- Infinite Money
You'll always have 90B.

- Infinite Mandate Time
You'll always have 10 years of mandate time and it won't go lower.

- Infinite Knowledge
You'll always have 90B Knowledge Points.

- Infinite Raid Points
You'll always have 90M Raid Points.

- Infinite Swiss Bank Money
You'll always have 90B in the bank.

- 100% Supporters
You'll have 100% supporters.

- Infinite Broker Actions
You'll have infinite uses of the broker actions (Convincing Talk, Stage a Distraction)

- Edit Current Year/Month
Change the current date.

- Edit Population
Change the population to any number you want.

- Edit Camera Zoom (Min/Max)
Change the min and max of the camera zoom, so you can completely go outside of the map or really close.

- Insta-Finish Edicts
Edicts will complete instantly.

- Immortal Army
Your army will be immortal.

- Super Power Plants
Power Plants will give your +900000 electricity. With just 1 power plant, you'll have enough for your entire island.

- Infinite Mine Deposit
Mines will always have a deposit volume of 100000.

- All Edicts Available
All edicts are available. No matter the era or blueprints.
Includes an alternative script, in case the main one makes your game crash. This one will move all edicts to the Colonial Era tab.

- Unlock All Buildings [Including Wonders]
Unlocks all buildings, including wonders, and removes the blueprint needs from them.


Author: GreenHouse

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