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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - Table for Cheat Engine +20 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter how many times you're hit.

- Infinite SP
Infinite SP to purchase skills.

- Infinite Stamina
Stamina will never decrease.

- Infinite Weight Capacity
You won't have a limit to the weight you can carry.

- No Stress
Stress won't go up.

- No Bladder
Bladder won't go up, so you won't need to pee.

- No Attack Cooldown
No cooldown on your attacks, so you can basically spam them.

- No Days Elapsed
Days elapsed for every character will always be 0. If it doesn't work, open the menu and it will set the days to 0.

- Max Score
You'll always have a score of 99M in the Extend Machine.

- Always at Child Stage
Make everyone be always at the child stage.

- Change to Custom Age Stage
Change the stage of every character to the one you desire. Child, adult, middle-aged or senior. It's your choice.

- Custom XP Multiplier
Multiply all the XP you get by any custom number of your choice. By default is 1 (the normal XP).

- Edit Inventories
Get the inventory of every character, change the number of items or just change the ID to any item that you want.
The items IDs are here. 

- One Hit Kill
Every enemy will die with just one hit.

- Revive Everyone
Revive any character that is dead. This can be used to heal everyone too.
It's better to leave it disabled, and If needed just activate to revive the team and disable again.

- Clione Infection Always at 0%
The Clione infection will always stay at 0%, no matter how many times you use it.

- Insta-Charge Attack
Instantly charge an attack. Having a party of 4 characters will instantly charge all four characters attacks. (Pretty cool to use with a party of 4 to be honest)

- Unlock All Shigabane
Unlocks all Shigabane for all characters.

- Unlock All Cooking Recipe
Unlocks all cooking recipe for the kitchen.

- Get Handed Item
Get which item you have in your hand and the amount. Basically the same as 'Edit Inventories' but for the item you have in your hand.


Author: GreenHouse

The source of information - Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

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