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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - Table for Cheat Engine v0.0.0.2 {anon9}


  • Pointers
    • Ruins Date (This can be used for date specific obstacles)
    • Coordinates (X and Y only)
    • Exploration Score
    • Usable Score (Extend Machine)
    • Difficulty (0-4) . 0 is 1, 4 is 5.
  • Reckless Skies
    • No Life Loss
    • Zero Lives (This is to allow you to end the game).
    • No Psychic Loss (Test 2) (Disables Buffs and all incoming damage)
    • No Psychic Loss (Test 1) (Disables self damage)
    • Reckless Skies Score Multiplier
  • Crafting/Cooking
    • No Craft/Cook/Upgrade Cost
    • No Cooking Limit
    • All Items can reach +99
  • Exploration Value Scripts
    • Set Max Weight
    • Max Stamina/No Stamina Toggle
    • No Stress/Max Stress Toggle
    • Empty Bladder/Full Bladder Toggle
    • Faster EXP
    • Faster Exploration Score
    • No Exploration Score Loss (Including Return to Base and Extend Machine transfer)
    • Faster Combos
    • No Fishing/Hunting/Gathering Limit (There may be a hidden limit that you can hit if you harvest too fast)
  • Combat Scripts
    • Auto Res + Stage 7 Mod
    • Max Health
    • Set Siliburst State
    • No Cooldown (Attacks)
    • Damage Multiplier / OHKO toggle
    • No Clione Corruption/Warning / Max Corruption+Warning Toggle
    • Instant Charge Attack
    • No Ammo Use
  • Inventory/Character Finder Scripts
    • Note: You can spawn an item in a slot by setting an item and setting Qty to 1~99 (Keep equipment Qty to 1).
    • Find Selected Warehouse Item
    • Held Item Finder
    • Status Base Finder (Open Status Menu to Haruto to activate)
    • Top value is character to edit (do not change the current character value, change this.)
    • Character Inventory
    • Character Non-Combat Stats (Clione, Harvest/Cook Count, Bonds, Life Stage, Leve/Exp/SP, Bunk Explore stats including Bunk Bonus)
    • Character Combat Stats (Life, Stamina, Clione, Siliburst, Cooldown)
  • Life Stage Scripts (Open Menu to trigger for non-party.)
    • Set Life Stage
    • Set Days Since Cloned
    • Set Days in Stage (Last Day requires you to Set to 3, Set Life Stage to Senior, and trigger a date change)
  • Other Scripts
    • Set Minimum Score in Extend Machine
    • High SP Count (400 is overkill, but should be enough for everyone)
    • Faster Bonds
    • Highlighted Shigabane Discovery Status (You need to set Discovered to 1, Learned Part 1 to 1 (learned) or 2 (active), and Learned Part 2 to 1)
  • Teleportation: Allows you to teleport to the target coordinates on the map by hitting the remove mark button. Do not try to use this to change maps, but you can teleport to the stairs. Don't teleport off the map as this can cause problems. You will need to move to refresh your view (though you can activate the scene, such as stairs, by turning)

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