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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms: Table for Cheat Engine {Frinkel}


  • Enable Admin
    This is an admin menu. You check this and then press Ctrl+A in game and an admin menu is in here. If you want gold, or to jump forward, do it here. If you jump too much, your account will get an ban for a few days, so don't abuse it.
    Recommended Use:
    • Fast Ultimates
    • Dmg Heroes: Off
    • Super Speed!
  • Free Click Upgrades
    Sets Click Upgrade to 0 cost.
  • Set Briv Haste
    Freezes Briv's Sprint Stacks. He needs 50+ stacks to jump. Default is 52 as you don't need any higher. If you want, you can change this value to whatever you want.
  • 1 Drop Completes Quest Requirements
    This option makes it so any drops instantly complete the area quest total.
  • Freeze Time
    This option freezes all potion time in the game.

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