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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms: Table for Cheat Engine {Insterluda}

God mode, max all hero levels.
Hero offsets, lvl, health, dmg, splash, attackspeed.
current stage + jumping to any stage is possible
quest condition display.
Quest skipping, only 1 kill, or quest item is needed to continue further.
Monster offsets: Max active Monsters, minimum and max. spawning monsters, total max. active monsters allowed.
Monster Multiplier, Monster treasure odds, Monster spawn time, Monster damage multiplier.

Updated script:
Added Base Address for this heroes; Asharra, Bruenor, Calliope, Celeste, Jarlaxle, Misnc, Nayeli, Delina, Makos, Tyril
Contains; NumberofTargets,Splash,Attackspeed,DamageMultiplier, CanStunTarget.
Click Dmg pointers; Click LvL, BypassClickDmG Limiter.
Monster pointers; Monster Damage on / off, Min/Max Spawn, Spawnrate.
Herobypass; Every Hero allowed in any missions, no restrictions.
Quest Pointers; QuestRemaining, QuestAmount, QuestKillGoal, LootInterval(x-kills to 1 drop), AreaLevel Condition, Current Area Level.
God Mode improved; you can now buy heroes while the gode mode is on.
All Heroes LvL 9999 still works.
ServerSide stuff:
Gems, Chests, Inventory, Potions, all Blessings, Time Gates, Skins from Heroes, Rewards from Quests, Bossloot, Achievements(ingame, not Steam!).

Author: Insterluda

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