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Last Epoch: Table for Cheat Engine {SinGul4ritY}


  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kills
  • Auto Killl
  • Set Gold
  • Level UP after Next Kill
  • Unlock All Idols ( works but not visible in GUI )
  • Minions Undamagable ( only tested with 1 minion atm )
  • Mastery Points ( enable 1 )
    • GAME Max Mastery Points
    • MAX Mastery Points ( 65535 )
  • Unlock Skill Slots
  • Skill Points ( enable 1 )
    • GAME Max Skill Points
    • MAX Skill Points (255 per skill)
  • Gamble Rarity Roll: Random | Rare | Unique | Set
  • Infinite Mana
  • No Cool Down ( works but not visible in GUI )
  • Movement Speed (% Increased, 1==100, set then take boots off/on)
  • Speed Multiplier Casting / Melee
  • Crafting Cheats ( check to enable all )
    • Ignore Level Req to Forge
    • Max Affix Rolls
    • Max Item Tier: Tier 4 | Tier 5 | Tier 6 purple | Tier 7 PURPLE
    • DISABLE Item Fracture when crafting
    • DISABLE Item Instability when crafting ( +reset )
    • Shards don't Deduct
  • repair Fractured items that are in your inventory
    * repair and then craft again
    ** Enable and then close inventory to apply
  • Always Full Set Bonuses
  • Money Cheats ( enable only 1 at once )
    • Money freeze
    • Money don't Deduct
  • Level and Class Requirements
    • Equip Items of Any Level
      * Won't effect tooltips/icons, just equip them
      ** Only ment to be able to equip them, positive side effects such as those associated with gambling / shopping are a plus, but not actually intended.
      *** Won't save between sessions without the cheat off
    • Equip Items of Any Class
      * same as above

Author: SinGul4ritY

The source of information - Last Epoch

DOWNLOAD (19.7 Kb) 2022-Aug-05

Total comments: 7
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It has game crashes, idk what the reason and which script cause it but I saw crashes when try to go to the portal, after transfer between locations, also just after close the forge.
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According to the new patch 0.8.1, that crashes was fixed
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patch 0.8.2 have been updated plz update  cheat
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ehm the Forging mechanic has been changed so the current things to it dont work anymore
it does now the oposit thing last version it did add fracture til it was broke and in the 8.4 version the items have Forging Potential wich have a chance to deduct potentionally go to 0 from this point u can not craft anything
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Awesome cheat table, just need to fix crafting cheats ( and max rolls implicit cheat) cause new forging mechanics ( new crafting mechanics change) . Tnx, peace biggrin
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I cant make it work. I load the process, then the table, then i check the item unique drop , and nothing happens in the game
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Is there a way to hack forging potential with Cheat Engine?