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Lobotomy Corporation - Table for Cheat Engine {HeathenGator}

Includes the following options:

  1. Invincible Agents -- will make your agents immune to any(?) form of conventional damage. Won't prevent instakills.
  2. ∞ UPE Boxes -- Any anomalies that use UPE boxes will have 999 at all times.
  3. Instant 60:00 Use Time/Instant 999 Uses -- Any anomalies that require you to use them for a certain length of time or a certain number of times will be affected by these options.
  4. ∞ Qliphoth Timer -- this will prevent the meltdown timers on anomalies from decreasing, giving you ∞ time to deal with anomalies suffering a meltdown
  5. ∞ Qliphoth Counters -- will keep qliphoth counters at 99 at all times. Effects that instantly set them to 0 will still affect the anomalies.
  6. ∞ LOB -- when buying anything during deployment will give you 9999 LOB
  7. No/Instant Qliphoth Meltdowns -- will prevent meltdowns from occuring (useful for normal play) or cause instant meltdown on any work interaction (useful for core suppressions)
  8. ∞ Day Energy - will instantly give you 9,999,999 energy. The end of the day is just 1 click away.

Author: HeathenGator

The source of information - Lobotomy Corporation

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