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Mad Games Tycoon 2: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Max Skills at character creation

Freeze/Stop Time (Hotkey CTRL+F) <—Turn off before you "Finish Development"

Remove Secondaries Level Cap —> Needed to make secondary over 50 stats permanent (if char has All-Rounder Perk that perk needs to be removed first)<--MAin Char still reverts so Keep this ON I I No cost employees (Zero Salary/No Salary deducted)

Increase Frequency of Job Market Generation + all Legendary for newly added ones

Needs and Motivations

- Max Motivation (must be in thier room)

- Toilet

- Thirst

- Goto Washbasin

- Needs Break

- Goto Trash

Max Hype All Current Games

Fast  TRUE Workspeed  (Everyone)

Fast Research

Perfect Critic Review (Have activated before you finish making game or just leave activated)

No Negative User Reviews

Max  Publisher Relationships (Open Statistics and view publishers)

Max Experience Platforms (Develop a GAME and select Main platform)

Dev  Platform Complexity Always easy (Develop GAME, select Game Platform)

Max Experience Genres (Develop a GAME, click Genre & Subgenres)

Max  Experience Topic/Subtopic (Develop a GAME, Select Topic & Subtopic)

Max  Experience Gameplay Features (enable BEFORE you Develop a GAME)

Max  Experience Engine Features (Develop an ENGINE, Select Features)

Dev  Platforms Tech Level 10 owned

Dev  Kits/Platforms Unlock all for Purchase

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