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Mad Games Tycoon 2: Table for Cheat Engine {gmax17}


[X] <== Main pointer:
[X] <== Money
[X] <== studio rating
[X] <== Year
[X] <== Month
[X] <== Week
[X] <== global events
[X] <== character
[X] <== fans
[X] <== credit
[X] <== calls
[X] <== Logo Unfortunately does not work
[X] <== all trends
[X] <== Global Event Weeks Duration
[X] <== Game All Time Personal Records
[X] <== Max Hype All Current Games.
[X] <== Requirements met (Max requirements)
[X] <== Maximum motivation (must be in their room)
[X] <== Increase labor market generation frequency + all Legendaries for newly added
[X] <== Job Search 100% Chance (Close and reopen search when search window is open)
[X] <== Fixed Fast TRUE working speed (everyone).
[X] <== mass production
[X] <== Awards including records (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, GOTY etc. VIEW ONLY)
[X] <== ********Console Scripts*******
<== Console: Max Review not working, only this hook doesn't work, otherwise the console is set to senseless sales.. in the end, the review works anyway

Author: gmax17

The source of information - Mad Games Tycoon 2

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