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Phasmophobia: Table for Cheat Engine {Glowmoss}

Here is a quick update there was a lot broken in this table so it did take a while and I haven't been able to test anything involving other players as I don't know anyone who owns this game lol. I fixed the flashlight/uv/glowstick hook a bit to what it looked like it was meant to be so the shoulder light and nearly everything has their own thing but I still need to sort out some stuff on that later when I get some time on it. I also started putting some stuff from the table in the request section thread in this one but not too much atm as a lot is already on this one. The table is a bit of a mess atm as I mainly just made sure most things worked. if you use the 4 slot inventory you will have to disable it to enable the solo section that also has the number of slots. The 4 slots just sets it to 4 anyway so when you disable it it will still be 4.

Author: Glowmoss

The source of information - Phasmophobia

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