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Phasmophobia: Table for Cheat Engine {jjcho849}

Hoop Score Hook (score point to update value)
Item Store Buy Hack
Item Store Sell Hack
Infinite Pictures
Rapid Pictures
Infinite Salt (only 9 visible spots max)
Infinite Smudge Stick Uses (Host Only)
Flashlights/Glowstick Control Hook (customize all flashlights and glowstick brightness levels)
Player Coordinates Hook (save and load coordinates cheat inside)
Sanity Hook
All Player Sanity Down/Force Hunt
Walk/Sprint Speed Hook
Ghost Info (name, age, fav room, type and ghost contoller)
FuseBox/Light Info (use a switch to update)
Setup Phase Info (Truck)
Throw Strength Hook
Reach Distance Hook
After Mission EXP Reward (change gained exp after mission)
Infinite Stamina
Server Info Hook (contains master client ID for force host ,client ID ,max players ,invite code edit ,and player name edit)
Carry 4 Items
Carry 6 Items (WIP can cause crashes)

Author: jjcho849

The source of information - Phasmophobia

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