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UNDYING: Table for Cheat Engine {Garrett Dark}


- Game Time (Freeze/Edit, hotkeys for going ahead or back 1hr/1day)
- Anling & Cody Stats (HP, Food, Hydration)
- Anling Max Bonus (Food, Hydration)
- Cody Skills XP
- Status State Timers (Weaken, Madden, Heart Attack)
- Infrastructure Resources (House Fuel, Car HP & Fuel, Water Source Reserves)
- No reloading Timer for Cody's Slingshot
- Explore Mini-Game (Stress Level)
- Card Game Mini-Game (Scores, Turns)
- Item Editor (Quantity, Durability/Freshness)

Since the other tables aren't working because they're out of date, I made my own during my playthrough for this version 1.0.1, which I think is Build 13035835. I finished the game, so there won't be any additional updates coming from me when my table stops working, however you can check the "Table Extras" in CE to see my notes on how I found things, or look through the scripts for the original code to look for.

Game Tips (Not really spoilers, but look away if you think anything is a spoiler)
- How to get 99 Inventory Slots
The inventory system really sucks. There's not enough slots, and it's worsen by the incredibly low stack sizes of typically 6. I couldn't edit the inventory slot size because the backpack actually uses two values (Anling & Cody's combined), and if the values don't line up correctly the slots malfunction permanently causing items to be lost. However there's an in-game item workaround, a backpack upgrade. Duplicate that, use it to get 99 slots (you can go over 99 but not permanent, anything in slots 99+ gets dropped on the ground when entering another area). Here's the slight spoiler way to get the Backpack Upgrade item, there's a merchant guy who shows up outside the player's house two hours before midnight something like once every three days. Get it from him, but take care I think he only has one, and I never saw another one anywhere else until late game when it doesn't matter anymore (In Chris' bus home). Unfortunately for me I didn't find out about this merchant until late game also. When in your house there's a message that appears saying there's somebody at your door; he's actually at your driveway exit on the sidewalk, technically not trespassing at your door like a creeper.

- Don't miss out on some Game Scenes because you beat the game fast, and didn't know to look
You might finish this game faster than you should using these cheats, I did on day 35 with a lot of Game Time freezing and going back an hour repeatedly. There's "interesting stuff" that happens on Day 45 (especially if you "take the right turn"), and to a lot lesser degree day 60 (time's up). So you might want to check out those days if you finished the game beforehand. Just use my Game Time cheat by advancing days.

- Traps Hilarity
This may ruin the fun if over done, but hilarious if you want to thwart mobs. Items on the ground are persistent, they stay even when you leave and come back, they're even there during game scenes. This includes traps. Spike Boards don't need to be reset, but have low durability and break (like all traps). Use my Item Editor cheat to make a ton with 9999 durability, put it your quick item slot, go into stealth mode for quicker deploy, deploy like 100+ of them where the mob is going to walk through, and watch them all die. Only drawback is it may slow down the game with enough of them deployed, and it's going to be messy trying to pick up loot from a dense trap field.

Author: Garrett Dark

The source of information - UNDYING

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