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Undying: Trainer +29 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Anling Unlimited HP
  2. Anling Unlimited Food
  3. Anling Unlimited Water
  4. Anling 0 Virus
  5. Anling Weakened State Unlimited Timer
  6. Cody Unlimited HP
  7. Cody Unlimited Food
  8. Cody Unlimited Water
  9. Cody Unlimited Health
  10. Edit Item Quantity
  11. Edit Item Endurance/Freshness
  12. Increase Item Endurance On Use
  13. Increase Food Freshness Overtime
  14. Cody Unlimited EXP
  15. Cody Multiply EXP Gain
  16. Ignore Ammo Count
  17. Unlimited Car HP
  18. Unlimited Car Gas
  19. Add Time
  20. Sub Time
  21. Break Any Lock
  22. Ignore Crafting Materials
  23. Ignore Craft Station Upgrade Materials
  24. Bypass Craft Station Materials Check
  25. Ignore Fixing Materials
  26. Ignore Inventory Upgrade Materials
  27. 0 Food Station Upgrade Cost
  28. ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]
  29. Game Speed

This game coding is needlessly complicated so there will be rare case that mods won't take effect to it. There's also a lot of scripted events so it's best to follow through "tutorials" in case bug happens.

DOWNLOAD (84.24 Kb) 2023-Dec-19

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