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Weird West: Table for Cheat Engine {BabyGroot}


God Mode All Character Party

- Owning Nova Char

   - Game Instance > Local Player > Player Controller      <—[ Enabled ] Set Player Speed      Dash Roll Enabled?

   - Dash-DiveUseAdaptiveCooldownTime

   - Climb Max Height

   - Edge detection distance

   - Max Horses

   - Interaction Component Check Radius

    - Pounce Cooldown

    - Kick Cooldown

    - Jump Velocity

    - Max Walk Speed Crouched

    - Crouched Half Height

    - Climb Max Height Airborne  

    - Climb Max Height

    - Current Player Reputation

    - Delta Reputation

    - Use Dash AP Cost?

    - Max Followers

    - Show HUD?

- Health Component

- Perception

- Interact Pickup

- Perks Cost Per level

- Camera

- Equpment > Weapons

    Critical Damage Chance Multiplier

     Local Ammo Count

     Ammo Magazine Size

     Ammo Reloaded Per Anim

     Auto Reload When Empty?

     Al Additional Cover Search Range

     Generate Al Bullet Hit Noise Radius

     Reload Anim Time Multiplier

     Damage Ranges Lower Bound Value

     Damage Ranges Upper Bound Value

     Damage Scalar Past Max Range

     Projectile Max Range

     Pushback Max Range

     Al Gunshot Event Radius

     Al Shoot At Event Angle Degrees

     Al Shoot At Event Radius

     Al Firing Initial Delay Min

     Al Firing Initial Delay Max

     Al Firing Repeat Delay Min

     A IFiring Repeat Delay Max

     Al Firing Delay Min Range Multiplier

     Projectile Count

     Max Projectile Hits

     Miss Distance

     Push Cone Angle

     Push Cone Distance

     Push Cone Impulse Magnitude

     Reload Time multiplier

Author: BabyGroot

The source of information - Weird West

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