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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Table for Cheat Engine {Raynard}


Ghost Mode
Damage Multiplier
Set Fortitude Rank
Max quantity/Items
Qi doesn't decrease
Equip rarity become 4
Set Equip Effect Values
Equip Max stats/No Weight
Get All basic titles/Test Phase
Ignore required craft materials
Craft material doesn't decrease
Wipe out the enemies on the map
Level doesn't increase with level up
Set Accolades at the time of exchange
Accolades doesn't decrease when exchange
Camera Location/Distance/Height/Direction
Infinite HP/Usable/Potion/Throwing/Spirit gauge
Special effects of equipment change to generic ones
Minor fix
Fortitude Level Multiplier
Added quantity setting to Max quantity
Slightly improved Generic Special Effects
Save and Load Data/Equip stats and Weapon and Armor effects

Author: Raynard

The source of information - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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